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extract the content of 360 images/isos? use xbox image browser

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how do i extract the content of the iso's xbox 360 images? for part of the images (the ones you normally burn to a dual layer disc) i can use ultra iso. but for some images i only get an audio and video folder. it looks like it is a bad rip, but as soon as it is burned the game works. so apparantly ultraiso cannot handle the file system. an example, transformers 2 is such an iso that cannot be extracted with ultraiso (the latest build) or winrar (an old build).

are there programs around that can extract the content of such files?
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Just use WINrar
it works just fine for me. I also would recommend using Imgburn software
to write the Image to your DVD+R DL's. get if from as it is freeware

winrar does not work.... that is because i am looking for something else.

i want to extract the content of the iso, not the iso itself. but apparantly the latest version of ultraiso goes a long way, or xbox image browser. ultraiso cannot extract all the iso's (some just show up as an dvd image with only an audio and video folder), xbox image browser however can extract from all the iso.

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