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flashing phat liteon drive

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i bought a ck3 mini and a ck3 probe III but i get it all connected and everything and what im trying is the esata port with a sata to esata cord on my laptop. it dont seem to reconize the dvd tray or something. it doesnt show up on my jungle flasher. im using the newest jungle flasher too. 1.9.2 beta. but everything lites up green but doesnt do anything... any tutorials or something? (no com ports show either and 2 things in the drop box for where u choose what u want) i dont really want to spend any more money on a ck3i or anything. im really kinda broke...
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You don't need a CK3i, that's not the issue. The issue you're having is the chipset for the SATA ports. It may not be supported. Best option would be to get an X360USB Pro. It's pricey, but it will get the job done for sure!

I've never heard of people doing the flash through an esata port, so that could also be the cause. Try one of the internal SATA ports.

I would suggest the lizard over the x360usb but they are both similar. It will be paid off in two burns
I had the same problem. Try jungleflasher 0.1.90 but i suspect that your sata chipset is not compatible. For me, it worked perfect with 0.1.90 and via 6421 card.
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