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Flashing xbox/ playing backups

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Okay I never really got into the xbox hacking scene because of getting banned, but I want to try to hack my xbox now. I haven't used my xbox in a while since I had a ps3 and live expired a year ago so I don't know what firmware I'm on if it matters. I just want to be able to backup my games and use those because I've had buy so many copies of one game because people keep breaking my games. I've bought cod4 twice, ssf 3 times, and gears 2 twice because people never put my games back to the proper place and I'm tired of buying multiple copies of one game. I just got 1 yr of xbox live as a gift and I don't want it to go to waste if I get banned. I have a 3 yr xbox 60gb and benq optical drive.
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benq is really easy, look at the JF tutorial it will walk you through the process, no bans for firmware for almost 2 years, thats no guarantee it could happen at any time!
So there is no guarantee for not getting ban for any method? or a way to make sure i don't get banned?
not likely, but no guarantee! run everything through abgx and make sure its verified that is your best defense!
And don't play leaked games early, for example Halo 4 got leaked over a month before the official release date and Microsoft not only banned the consoles of the idiots playing that game online early (or offline on a console they also used online) but also the accounts.

Xbox 360: Slim untouched with a faked 320 GB harddrive for XBL, phat with LT 3.0, played Halo early, so going on live would be an instand ban, also with a faked 320 GB harddrive
PS3: Untouched 160 GB Slim, 60 GB Fat with latest Rogero and 160 GB internal harddrive.
PSVita: hardly ever play it
GameCube: Black with a Viper chip installed. With gameboy player. Trying to get a Wavebird controller.
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