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For once i need help myself.Broken pcb maybe?!

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Hi guys for once i need a little help on something.Was due to flash a benq drive with molex/x360 usb/ck3,but for some reason the drive was not detected in JF and then the smell of slight burning.I noticed this straight away and double checked the connectors were in correctly,which they were(flashed enough to know better by now!!).I removed everything and checked the pcb for burns/resistor blowouts but it all looks fine.The only heat source was from the eject motor,which was piping hot.Having let it cool down i reconnected the drive fired up jungle flasher but to no avail.No drive is detected and the eject will seldom work.Even when the drive ejects it will not be picked up.Because of this as you all know it will not unlock and cannot pull the key off the pcb.This is not my console and do not have any key.bin files for this drive(stock fm).I would be grateful if anyone can tell me what are the chances of extracting the maybe a bit of a throwaway question but would it be beneficial for me to put the pcb into another housing and check that way.I don't want to go into RGH as that is too expensive.My soldering skills are to the level of incompetence so i wouldn't even attempt extracting the spi chip and placing it on another board.Any help will be appreciated or if anyone offers a service (in the uk) to remove the chip and place on a blank pcb i would love to here from you.Many thanks guys..
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the board does not need to be connected to a chassis to read or write to it, try disconnecting it from the chassis and connect only the board, i've done those many times, it sounds like something is shorting out!
cheers for the reply.I was hoping to avoid that situation of desoldering wires off the chassis but if it can retrieve the key its a small price to pay.Will give that one go first and reply with the results.
No joy im afraid.Removed the chassis,still no drive detected.The board looks perfectly clean,no swollen resistors and everything cool.The MT chip has slight warmth to the touch but nothing else seems out of the ordinary.
you can either just rgh it ,or try a usbpro,
Richietea, I soley recommend this guy,
I had the exact same issue from a dead logic board that did not read in JF.
He extracted the key for a measly $20us. All I had to do was ship the pcb board in a padded envelope and he extracted the key off the dead board right away then emailed me the .bin files after payment was received, which can be by Paypal or credit. He is reputable and lives in the U.S. Hope this helps.
Cheers doowop72 i was looking into uk services that can jtag just for the key.bin file as the console hasn't been updated and is still on the bladed dash.Because its a zenon(of all shitty mobo's) it cannot be RGH'd.If it were my console i would leave it jtag'd but its for online play as well.Ive sent a support e.mail from the web site you provided to see if any the difference inc shipping there would be.Many thanks for the link.
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