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Help flashing my liteon drive

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Hi Everyone,

I can't seem to get JungleFlash to detect my drive.
I'm using Win7, A Rosewill 212, And I'm trying to flash a Liteon DG-16d2s.
I've disabled my VIA card, Renamed the driver, Enabled it, Restarted my computer, Opened JF, And I get a "No VIA Ports Found" error.
Also when I start JF I get a "No I/O Ports Were Found During Enumeration!" Error.
So just to be clear: Disc drive's power cord is connected to the Xbox, Liteon's Sata is connected to the VIA card, And the VIA card is connected to my MOBO.

How can I fix this? Would greatly appreciate the help.

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double post, sorry
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Guy's, This is my third forum that I have been to.
Can someone please help me?
your chipset is not compatible!
it's a via 6421?
When I plug the drives sata into the mobo itself I can boot off of it, But JF still doesn't detect it.
why did you disable the via card? only the drivers, are you running as admin?
I disabled it so I could delete it's driver, It's enabled now.
And yes.
Also In DosFlash32 It detects the i/o port that I am going to use in JF.
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