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Everytime I load and ISO it gives me and error and says could not load XEX Tool. What is this shit???? LOL!!!
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1) You need to watch the unnecessary language.

2) XexTool is not necessary. If you read the whole thing it says something like:
"Could not locate XexTool. Please ensure it is in the same directory as ISO2GOD".

3) Download it and place it in the ISO2GOD folder and it will find it.

Sorry about the language. Thanks ill give that a try
Thanks for the reply but that did not work either. A little box pops up that says could not launch XeXtool and then my antivirus pops up and says trojan. I tried turning off my antivirus and it didnt help.
Anyone have a fix for this? Im running Vista 64bit and everytime i try and use this program it says its a trojan and says "cannot launch xextool" If not can someone tell me how to make a game already installed on my HDD to Game on Demand. I installed a game in the contents folder and can access it by clicking the default file. but i would like for it to show up on the Dashboard under games instead just like xexmenu. Anyone know how this can be done?
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