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How do I remove parental lock

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Is there a way I can reset this console's parental settings witout needing the code. Xbox chat gave me the reset code and I sat there for over an hour trying the button sequence and it just kept returning me to the settings screen without even pressing B. Is there a contact i can make to short it or something?
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depends on the dashboard, give me the dashboard and tell me the code and i'll see if i can get you the correct one!
Thanks for your response. The dash is 2.0.16202.0 and the sequence given to me is LT-RT-X-Y-LB-RB-A-down-down-A

do you need the console serial number?
system info LT RT X Y LB RB X X UP DOWN if that does not work you may have to remove the hard drive!
Thanks but thats not working either, I am at wits end. All the sequences return me to the system menu. Is there a contact I can touch on the motherboard to reset it? I already have the whole console disassembled and sitting on my floor.
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