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how to convert an iso to a rar file

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hi guys i have an xbox 360 iso that i want to convert to rar files. I know how to convert the rar files to an iso but i dont know how to do it vise versa. I notice when i see an xbox 380 game in rar files but it also has r files. any help would be great thanks.
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An easy way to do it is with WinRAR. Install it, then right click on the ISO and choose "Add to archive..." (which will be an option once WinRAR is installed). On the screen that pops up, you can give the archive a name, choose whether you want RAR or ZIP files, set the compression level, and you can also split the file into multiple RARs using the "Split to volumes, size" drop-down list, bottom-right.

There are a number of presets, once of which is 100MB, so if you choose that your RAR will be split into 100MB chunks, or you can type in a value yourself and select either bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes from the list to the right, so typing in 95 and then selecting MB will split the RAR into 95MB RARs for example.

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thanks funksoulb. I do have winrar installed so i follow you directions. will that also give me the r files? well ill give it a shot and let you know how i made out.
Thanks again funksoulb it worked, but i noticed that the whole filewas winrar achive files. I have another xbox 360 game in rar but when it hit file number 30 the files changed to r files.
RAR is just a compression. You can't run or play a RAR. Why do you want to RAR the iso? The number of RAR's depends on how to setup the compression in winrar.
Hey Modking30 thanks for your post. i wanted to change a xbox 360 iso to a rar file because i want to save them to my external hard drive but its on a fat32 sys so i cant save a file larger than 4gb but in rar files i can brake the files up and move them over.
So why not format it to NTFS?
sorry it took so long to respond to this. i did format to NTSF but once i did that i couldnt use it with my xbox (to watch movies off it.)
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