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How to hack an Xbox360 with Philips flash drive ? PLEASE HELP

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Hello guys,i suppose that you are sick of answering and reading these questions but i am reading from almost a week and i can`t find my problem written anywhere. I have an Xbox 360 and it`s not the new one but the previous one and it is with Philips flash drive. Can someone please explain to me if it is possible to hack it and how or just give me a link that this is already discussed. Thank you in advance.
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Well, you are less likely to get responses if you do not give specific model info. Is your 360 not a slim model? i think dashboard revision is important if you want to jtag it. I believe if for "just" playing backups, most if not all xbox 360 have been cracked wide open. You will likely need specific hardware to mod your box.
Feel free to correct me, regulars, if I gave bad info.
correct, is it a liteon or a benq, both are made by phillips! slim or phat? You have been searching for a week, did you look in the stickies? tutorials?
try there!
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