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How to use Maximus Xtractor Probe?

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Windows recognized it and installed drivers (flashes green when first plugged in) but then doesn't light up at all after that. Is it supposed to light up, how can I verify correct drivers are installed or make sure its working. Under the DVDKey tab, should USB be checked? its greyed out

I have to use the probe to flash the DG 16d2s now right?

BTW - I am trying to flash my Liteon ver 0251, will I be able to use my same ol device?
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sum1 already had stevedawg and stevedawg85 is longer than 10 chars :(
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If this isn't the 7series, then you need to do the MRA hack or use a lizard. The probe can only be used one time to dump and you need to use jungle flasher. Google Jungle Flasher tutorial
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