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Introducing 360Revolution

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Introducing 360Revolution :

360Revolution is fast becoming one of the best 360 modding tools on the scene, heres why....

Over 80 game/profile modders

Resigner with package explorer for gpd mods

Resigner doesnt corrupt like Modio

Quick hash

Offzip/packzip utility

24/7 support

Constant updates

Check it out for yourselves.





Virus scan :
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Seems interesting, I'll try it out.

This is my old account.
My new account username is LightTrench
is this some sort of JTAG program?

Some parts of programs like this have jtag programs, but I think this is mostly for save data and profile mods.

This is my old account.
My new account username is LightTrench
intresting :D

modio doesn't corrupt...

please if your asking about xbox 360 firmware, LT+, how to cut and solder, what drive you have and such check this PDF file
Sorry i should of clarified this tool is for modding gamesaves and gpd .
It also has other utilities for modding games/profile
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