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is my xbox safe online ?

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i have an xbox360 flashed with the latest firmware(I-Xtreme LT+V3.0 - Benq drive) and it has never been on line while flashed.but i have played back up offline which i have not stealth checked with abgx360.if i went on line with this xbox but only played stealthed games on line,would that be ok or will i get banned?
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Nobody can say that you won't get banned, maybe you will, maybe not. And it doesn't matter if you play offline or online, you can get flagged for a ban anyways. But if you don't go online you effectively ban yourself.

Xbox 360: Slim untouched with a faked 320 GB harddrive for XBL, phat with LT 3.0, played Halo early, so going on live would be an instand ban, also with a faked 320 GB harddrive
PS3: Untouched 160 GB Slim, 60 GB Fat with latest Rogero and 160 GB internal harddrive.
PSVita: hardly ever play it
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As mentioned, no one can say if you're ever, 100% safe. However, it's been years since Microsoft issued mass bannings. It seems, to me, they've lost interest or decided the time and effort wasn't worth it, since the modding scene cannot be stopped. However, they do continue to ban people who, blatantly, break release dates and play games early, online.
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