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is the ihas burner really neccasary

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i have flashed my console onto lt 3.0 but i have a macbook pro (late 2011) i was wondering if i had to get a ihas burner or i can just burn the games
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yes meaning it is necessary!
is there any way i can use it with my macbook pro
where can i find this ihas burner
Originally posted by yucafien2:
where can i find this ihas burner
The #1 problem with finding a compatible Ihas burner ---> Must be a version "B" and you will more than likely get a "C" from New egg and other online stores. With that said there are plenty of peeps on Ebay that sell the right drive already preflashed with burner max for a decent price. 38-44$

No time for Leap frog!!!
if you want to burn and play XGD3 games then, yes yes yes, it is really necessary. and you will need kProbe to check your burns.

To use it, put your burned game in the drive then fire up KProbe. Hit the "Start test" button (looks like a triangular "play" button at the top of the app's window) and the test will begin.

Once the test is complete, you'll see a couple of graphs and some other info. The max PI/C1 error rate should not exceed 280 (and it's recommended that it's under 100 for XGD3 burns) and the max PO/C2 error rate should not exceed 4. If you get the occasional spike that goes up higher than these maximums, you should be OK, but if the graph lines are consistently above these recommended levels then your burn is poor and it may make your 360's drive work harder to read the disc, it may cause disc read errors, a failed game install, or the game may freeze up or crash. This may also lead to your 360 failing certain challenges as the game will not mimic a proper pressed original disc.
you dont need kprobe, how many people is there that has burnt a disc and ran it through kprobe looked at the results and said "yeah i'm not going to play this disc because it didn't burn very good" nobody. if you do everything the way you are supposed to it all works out ok!
thanks guys ur a big help
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