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iso2god error

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hi peeps,right I have been converting using iso2god on my pc for a couple of years now,sold my pc last now put iso2god on my laptop and get this error when trying to load the iso from create iso.
could not locate default.xex or default.xbe.

any advice would be much appreciated,im using the latest iso2god to.which is 1.3.6.

thanks in advance

chubbs :)
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websearh didn't turn up much apart from using xbox backup creator to extract the files instead or use...XBOX360 ISO Extract..unless of coarse it's an xbox 1 iso your mistakenly doing

that's all i got,i seem to recall getting that error on the odd occasion i switched to xbox360 iso extract & it was fine can't remember if it played ok or not

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Originally posted by DavGerm4:
I've done a lot of systems in the passed, but that was the one I liked though most!

Also, just for a singleplayer with drop-in/taken up which would basically what would happened.

But ya anyway, I'd say that game just cause it's really addicting!

Besides the living locally, you'll still need to play like $60 for XBL!
DavGerm4........... You lost me.

eebeejay I'm lost too... I don't remember writing that? Welp guess I'll change my password... Thanks for the heads up!

i thought you had more than one tab open & replied to the wrong thread,tho i did wonder about the grammer

edit: it may pay to reset any other passwords on other sites including any cloud base email accounts like gmail etc

either that or a family member was using the browser when you hadn't logged out of AD
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lol,lost me to :)

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