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jtag wont play latest kinect games

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hi i have an jtaged xbox updated to the latest dash(15574) and running a freestyle dash.the problem i have is that all my games work fine but the latest kinect games says i require an update.has anybody else had this problem and does anybody know how to solve it
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anybody help please!
The actual disc is asking you for an update?
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no the game is being run off my exturnal hdd
maybe the freedash needs an update. Many times unofficial support lags behind official channels.
wondering if when you ftp the games to the HDD that you delete the system update file as you don't need or want that. that might get rid of the problem cause the game won't know to ask for an update.
did you update the kinect itself? check console info you will see there D:2.0.15574.0(your dash) - K:2.0.15574.0(kinect firm) if the numbers dont match(K: shows an older dash number) the update message only comes when the kinect is connected... also if the green led is flashing on the kinect that means it need an update... the update is for the kinect unit and not the xbox itself.. make sure when you updated your jtag/rgh you also installed the avatar update... also take note that once kinect is updated to a higher dash it will also bug you with update due to xbox is using a lower dash version... lol it likes being silly like that...
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