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Just replacing liteon drive PHAT 360

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So I currently have a 360 on one of the older dashboards (not sure which one) and it has been modded to play back ups. I'm not sure how it was modded as I did not do it. What I am looking to do is just replace the dvd drive all together as this one is starting to act up. I do not want the new one modded so I can update the xbox and have it work normally. I have googled, youtubed, and searched a bunch of forums and can't find any tutorials on how to flash the key to the new drive everything is about hacking it. I know this is a hacking forum but if you know how to hack it I'm sure someone knows how to make normal again. Any advice??

Drive is a liteon
HW version A0A1
FW (stock) 74850c
Dashboard 2.0.13599.0
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Just update to the latest dashboard, it'll flash your old drive back to stock. Then dump the key off of it and follow the jungleflasher tutorial to the point of flashing it. Instead of LT 3.0 you just use the fitting ofw that comes with the LT 3.0 package. All you need can be downloaded from

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