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Kprobe results

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Hey people,

I just backupupped my saint's row 3 disc so my nephew can borrow it for the weekend (I know how he is with discs so I won't borrow him my original)

I just burned it with my iHAS 124B burner after patching it with ABGX and ran the backup through Kprobe.

Result kind of shocked me.

In the beginning the thing wouldn't go over PI Avg. 1.33 but after the layerbreak (big spike there) the end result was my PI max 267 and avg 9.11

PIF max is 4 and avg. 0.07

Is this a bad burn?

Just wondering around
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The max PI/C1 error rate should not exceed 280 (and it's recommended that it's under 100 for XGD3 burns) and the max PO/C2 error rate should not exceed 4. If you get the occasional spike that goes up higher than these maximums, you should be OK, but if the graph lines are consistently above these recommended levels then your burn is poor and it may make your 360's drive work harder to read the disc, it may cause disc read errors, a failed game install, or the game may freeze up or crash. This may also lead to your 360 failing certain challenges as the game will not mimic a proper pressed original disc.
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