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matrix glitcher 2 rev c advice

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Hi, I'm looking into trying to rgh my Xbox again, I've been out the scene for a while and found the chip as in the title, with the switches for different motherboards. My question is do I still have to use the NAND reader on my Xbox as it says just select correct switches and its plug and play? I've got a USB NAND reader and have experience in this so it's not a problem if I do. Just with how fast things change now maybe the process has too? Thanks in advance.
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1) What dashboard are you on?
2) Is your console a phat or a slim?
3) What motherboard do you have?
Hi I have. A phat console with a falcon board on dash 12611.
Firmware currently outdated on LT2.0 so I can't update it right now.
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