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Modded 360 and Portable Hd no video

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Hey guys, long time reader of this forum though I never realized how extensively it covers other consoles, can't wait to become an active member.

I got my 360 reflashed Monday or Tuesday this week to play a backup of Forza 4, since then my 1TB WD External HD has decided when playing video files it will let me have sound but no actual picture or video, just a blank/black screen. The Xbox had been flashed at least twice before with no problems. It isn't a HDMI problem, nor a TV problem. The HD shows actual pictures (jpgs etc) fine through the Xbox and a computer but whenever I attempt to watch a video, after about 2 seconds it flickers to a lighter black for half a millisecond then I have sound but no controls (have to wait til the video finishes or turn the Xbox off) or video. This is a unique problem I believe as games still work fine on it.

Not sure if it helps but the Portable was new in June and worked fine until immediately after the reflash, Xbox itself can be no older than March of this year. Also, the portable is connected to the Xbox through USB, it isnt through the media center.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Bump. Anyone?
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