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My pc dont detect xbox360 Benq drive

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i have connected benq drive to my pc's sata ports and power from xbox360. i have tried with slax. jungleflasher dont find it either. i can see "unknow device" device manager
im using windwos 7 64-bit. i have installed dosflash64. whats wrong?
i have flashed succesfully 4 hitachi drive with this pc. help me
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if you do not have the correct chipset its not going to work, also you may have to put windows into test mode, but my gut tells me you do not have the right chipset!
Jungle flasher and other firmware flashing software does not work on 64 bit, only 32 bit systems
There is a 64bit version of jungle flasher,(see link below)If that don't work one must assume peluynati is on the money,perhaps telling him what chipset you have will determine if that's the issue

how to 64bit instructions

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