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Ok so i have a banned Elite

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and i borrowed a core from my friend. with his 20gb. when i put my 120gb in his system and turn it on, it ignores my hhd data. my friends do this all the time, they bring their hdd somewhere and use it on another 360 and its like it theirs. why dosent this work in my case? is it because they are 2 different versions? or is it because i got banned? is there a way to unban my system or at least my HDD to be read on other 360s?
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Once your console is banned (or flagged in the case of failing an AP2.5 challenge), it can no longer sign data in a way that other consoles can read.

I think there is a way to fix it though, but I'm not sure of the method off the top of my head.

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i heard there was a way to reverse it

mada mada dane
That is because once you are banned your profile is corrupt. You can follow this guide but you would have to do it each time you switch between consoles. What dash are you running?
um the latest dashboard. it updated when la noire went in

mada mada dane
i dont really need to preserve my achievements, i just want to fix the thing, what steps do i do for that?

mada mada dane
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