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phat 360 wont update

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just found out that i have banned xbox 360. tried to update it with usb/cd. also tried to plug hd to unbanned xbox, still didnt work.
is there any way i could update dashboard ?
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figure out what the original drive was and put one back in!
it is original drive. or you mean original firmware ?
if you are sure it has the original drive your firmware is not current with your dashboard!
thats the weird part tried stock, lt 1.1, lt 3.0 firmware
what dashboard you on? post or pre 13599?
i have 2.0.13599.0
Need help asap
so did you use the post 13599 firmware? depending on the drive you have, the firmware has changed!
Dashboard is 13599, unless I missing something. Is there guide for this cause I looked and didn't find anything
Jungle flasher tutorial, follow it according to your drive, if your dashboard is 13599 and your drive is a liteon, it is now 0251 regardless to what it was before, benq would be 0442, try writing the correct version for you drive and see if it will update!
i tried installing LTPlus-0251-v3.0.bin and still didnt worked. should i install stock 0251 first then update and install lt
installed 0251 stock then lt 0251. everything works now.
thank you bro
great, glad you got it all sorted out!
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