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quick question about Sniper Elite

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Just burned Sniper Elite V2 and when i put it in my xbox it prompted a dashboard update. I'm still on LT 2.0 and have just been patching all the XGD3 discs to work for LT 2.0 (been very lazy on getting around to upgrading it) my question is will the update reflash my xbox back to stock fw? Should I just get around to flashing it to LT3.0? Any and all answers are much appreciated

thanks in advance
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Or if it's just my dashboard that needs to be updated to the most current one to play the game, cant i do that manually via USB or will that update flash the fw back to stock as well?
Yes it will revert firmware is my understanding & yes it's high time you went with v3.0 better & more informed info might be had in link

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