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Replacing an old Samsung ms-25 drive with ms-28 one

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Hi everyone:

My Xbox 360 that originally came with the Samsung ms-25 DVD Drive is acting badly: the tray doesn't open every time, then it doesn't read games well. I was trying to find this ms-25 drive on eBay but the only ones I can find are ms-28 drives, or these to be specific: "Toshiba Samsung TS-H943 MS28 DVD Rom Drive Replacement"

So my question is, can I swap my ms25 with ms28? (The specs match except ms28 part.)

And if yes, can someone confirm the procedure: I read the firmware from the old ms25 drive and write it onto the new ms28 drive?

PS. My current ms-25 is flashed with LT v2.01 with JungleFlasher but I have a dump of the stock firmware from ms-25 in a bin file.
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you will be swapping the board, that is the only difference in the drive itself so you will be ok. when your new one comes in just take the drive board from yours and plug it in to the new one, there are only a few cables to change! very easy!
Thanks. Is it this procedure?
yes thats all you need to do!
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