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System update Stopped

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I keep getting
can't read the update from the disc. Please insert the disc to continue the update.
Status code:3080-335A-B800-0F00-C000-0059
I've had this happen before and i flash it to stock update then reflash custom but this time no matter what I do I get the same error code. A friend brought it to me so I really don't know what the deal is with the 360. Might have been messed with before i got it. I've tried to update with usb/cd-dvd and tried old original games but know go. Any ideas? thanks!
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You need the game the update is on, I guess someone attempted an update from disk and then removed the game disk or the update was ripped off the game disk or the laser went dead during update.

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I solved it. Found this at 360mods it needs to be a sticky.
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