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these fourms died

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Mods please pay attention,

We need gameover9 to come back and help bring this site back to life! He was the man and we all love him. This forum is dead
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Doesn't help that the 360 is slowly coming to the end of it's life. I know they'll still continue making the system and games, for a while. But, I'd assume, most people who are interested in modding have looked into it sometime in the past year or two. Not so many new modders showing up these days. Anyone who was interested has likely looked into it and done it already.

I've been thinking the same thing over the last couple of months, not a lot of new posts or posters.
Well, like Modking30 said, it's because guys like gameover9, leerage, wabashman, jpizzle and others are gone is the reason I pop in every couple of weeks or so. I used to live and breathe this forum, but it's dead now. A zombie.

A thread like The Banana Split Method or the J-Toaster thread would pop up every week or so and make my day. Now........nothing.

last time i saw wabash was over at elitemods but that sites gone,however jpizzle is over at realmods i'm pretty sure he's one of the group doing coding stuff for fsd as well

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well it wont be long until threads will start about "how to get around game licenses for xbox one" or "the new Xbox one key" since i have a game store i'm afraid that is not just forums about games have died, not much going on is sells either ;(
Yeah, the forum has been dying a slow death for quite awhile now.
Originally posted by bhetrick:
Yeah, the forum has been dying a slow death for quite awhile now.
Should we go ahead and put it out of it's misery?

Soon after getting my xkey I stopped coming here as even back then the forums were about dead.

I found myself here today as I was looking for a history of the 360 scene like when stuff happened and such. I do recall the times back in 2008-09 when I would visit the site daily.

hey modking i thought you where gameover9,,anyways once the new consoles come out there will be a whole new forums poping up,,

microsoft after a ban wave
Originally posted by coorva:
once the new consoles come out there will be a whole new forums poping up,,
That's the part that I hate. The wait between the last quarter of a console's life (when the scene dies), and the first quarter of the new console's life (when a hack is finally available).

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