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Unreadable Disc Error HELP!! Benq Drive lt 2.0

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Hi All,

Got a bit of a issue that I need advise with,

I use Aone DVD DL (I know not they are not verbs but have used many different makes of dvd and never a problem for my benq in past), had a problem with my 360 where the key was lost and had to use a old 1.6lt with my key to get back up n running, I am now on 2.0 (via newest JF) and can play all my old backup games which are all on different DL make discs (aone, memorex, verbs, even bloody tesco! lol)...

but now when I burned backups of dues ex & fifa 12 backup, imgburn (newest version) shows they burned fine, when I put them into xbox, I dont get the preview pic on my dashboard but I still get "play game", when I select to play game I then get "unreadable disc" message....

Am i meant to be burning these games in a diffident way than normal via imgburn? (although they are not the new XGD3 style), is it just suddenly, the xbox dont like the media is used in the past? lol

at a bit of a lost here and need some guidance please!

thanks in advance!
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I use AONE disks as well lol and have been getting this error on the new games I burn. You just have to keep on trying. When I burned gears of war 3, it gave me the unreadable error 10 times before it started working and then another 10 tries to install it on the hard drive and Im getting this error on DRIVER 3 a well and it will take around 10-15 tries before I can install it on the hard drive. These DVDs are crap quality so thats why we are getting these errors. Im going to switch to verbs once I have used all my AONE disks =). Just keep on trying and it will work eventually if not then get verbs.
ah! its bloody odd though right, I mean, I had 15 AONE discs, and the its like the last 3 i have left are all doing this error!!

just with the timing of my xbox drive key vanishing (xbox update really messed up my system), then had to get old key from old cfw 1.6, then had to put on 1.1 AND then 2.0....and now cant run any new games...just wondering was a there a connection between them all, also the fact that both fifa 12 and dues ex are NOT XGD3 games so have not changed anything on imgburn I was wondering is that were I went wrong and I should set up imgburn for XGD3 burning anyway?
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