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wasabi 360 slim can it really auto extract ? plus a few queries

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Hey there everyone first thread here please be kind i am very clueless on all this i have read alot of FAQs etc

I have a xbox 360 slim its got the chrome lettering on the drive if that helps

I am not sure what drive it has but i have picked the wasabi 360 as my method to play back ups so far i like everything i read

as it can auto extract all drives i have read but on there site it says only the liton is this true or just a hoax ?

i just want to play a few basic back ups of games no online just got a few need for speed games and saints row so no online for me

P.S i dont want to invest into hardware to extract hence why the wasabi 360

All i have read i am happy , i got anther question i don't know how appropriate it is ,
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So in their user guide it says this:

Xbox Slim LiteOn 16D4S with firmware 9504, 0225, 0401, 0272, 1071
So ya it looks like it will auto extract for the LiteOn 16D4S Drive. The Slims have that drive, but they also have the 16D5S, and a Hitachi drive out there. So if you have the 16D4S drive, then you should be fine, but if not, you will probably need to either send your system in to get the key, or buy all the tools and do it yourself.

Ok well i have been reading for the past 4 hours on how to identify these drives lol

the date of manufacturer is 2011-08-07 as written on the back of the xbox

It is a 4gb black slim it came with kinet but i never got it bought it of ebay it says something on the box about it

So if my drive is not supported i really want the auto key function so i dont need to mess around at all and for the price of $90 new it cant be beaten on value i reckon my opinion

But worst comes to worst do i need a product like the

360 Maximus Lizard - Ultimate 360 Drive Tool


360 Maximus Lizard - Ultimate 360 Drive Tool2

Is that right from what i believe
Oh also anther 2 things to add that may be important

I have updated the dash board just a few days ago is that going to be a worry


i got the 3rd to last the lite on

Thanks in advance

Im new
I dont know which to get now the wasabi 360 or the x360 key

i was speaking to a guy on the phone at a modchip store and he was selling the wasabi but said the return rate was about 30% on them he was real nice and we were on the phone for about 20mins

But then he went and said the x360 key was a much better unit etc and more better based etc

then i rang anther store and asked about the wasabi and they where selling it but where like what is a wasabi and didnt even know the products they were selling and then i said you know your number is up for USB loaders etc and they then said what is a USB loader and it was the correct number what the hell
Get an xkey. It's far better.
Ya I'd recommend the XKey over the Wasabi any day. Just more support, and updated more then the Wasabi is.

Ok ,

dam was hoping to keep it under $100 with the equipment needed to get the drive key but looks like il need to splash out will buy it soonish in the near future least its good to know that its possible and easy to play back ups on this 360 i got

Im new
Ok i have got anther queries on my mind

If i own a game and download the game from torrents as i am to slack to use the Xkey flash tool to open the xbox up to load it to the hard drive

What is the chance of getting errors from the source

I am asking due to i used to have a PS2 and backing up games they always seemed to have glitches for some reason I was using quality media and burner etc

Im new
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