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Where can I buy modded slim console

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I am new to modded xbox and would like to play backed up games. Is there somewhere i can buy a 360 slim that i can backup my games to hard drive and play them from there. Or i have a slim already but no knoledge on how to mod it. Any help would be awsome.
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If you already have a slim, thing you can do is open it up and identify why kind of DVD Drive you have.

Like on the Xbox 360, the trim on both the top and bottom vents, and they chrome color, or just black? Because if it's the chrome color, then it's possible it can be the 16DG4S drive, which is great cause it's not "that" hard to mod, and less expensive. You can also check the MFR Date on the back of the system to see when it was made. If it was before 2011 then it's possible to be the 16DG4S Drive.

Newer systems have either the Hitachi Drive or the 16DG5S drive, which require more parts, and has to have a certain hack (RGH) done to it, so they can get the DVD Key so that you can play backups on those drives.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the long information...

there are a lot of people that sell modded consoles, where do you live?
I live in the middle of michigan. My xbox does have the ds4 drive i think. Do i need any extra stuff to flash my drive. is the rgh a soldered in mod?
RGH requires a lot of soldering yes, flashing to play backups may or may not require soldering depending on the chipset, yes you need extra equipment to flash your drive! planning a trip to dollywood anytime soon?
kylecampb check your private messages.

Honestly, I dont even know what dollywood is. I looked it up and see it looks like an an ammusement park. I dont plan on going to TN anytime soon. That must be where you are located? What about shipping it to one of you and paying through paypal? What would something like that cost me to have you do? Im still looking for a rgh premod xbox. I would prefer to have both so i can play live on the other one.
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