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Xbox 360 burnt games

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Hey there.

SO i'm a real noob to this but i've won an xbox 360 and want to make the msot of it.

What is the best way to play burnt games and obtain those games off the internet?

I use a macbook :)

Thank you in advance,
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I'm pretty sure you cannot use a laptop to modify your XBox drive to play burned games and with an Apple computer it's even harder. Also, the brand new XBox consoles are very hard to modify, most of the super-brand new ones can't even be modified for burned games at all, just yet.

If you've got a brand new slim XBox, you won't be able to mod it yet. They haven't cracked how to mod all the brand new models yet.
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@ joe
You are incorrect ALL slim drives can be hacked
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Oh, I wasn't aware. I didn't think they had the newest of the new broken yet.
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