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Xbox 360 flash help

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I have read through many threads/discussions and i have read alot. Im also sorry for starting a new discussion as im not supposed to or something, new here, but im sorry.

I had my Xbox 360 (Premium) chipped a few months back and one day my dad was playing on the console and installed an update from a game in which i had the new dashboard and the chipped games no longer work. I was wondering if i could download some sort of software in which i can put to pen drive or something which will install the original firmware, firmware which will work for me to play the chipped games, the old dashhboard or something or whether there was a way or reflashing my xbox.
I have a chip inside all ready, as i said above i want to know whether i can reflash it without opening it or what ever.

Thanks :)
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obviously your idea of reading a lot is 2 lines? if you would have read anything at all you would first know that 13599 had a flashing element that reverted all drives to stock! second if you would have read anything at all you would know that there is no method of flashing your drive without opening your xbox, this has been asked maybe 10 times in the last 2 months! and just to clear you up, your xbox does not have a chip in it, the frimware on the drive was flashed, MS flashed it to something they like better! in the other thread you started i told you that you are supposed to read the stickies, as it is obvious you are to lazy to do so let me quote one of the rules in the stickies, "3. Post your question only once!" and also in your case "1. Before starting a new thread, use SEARCH first (located on top of the page..) to see if your question has been answered before!"
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