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Xbox 360 RROD advice? 0001 Error Code

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I've got the Halo 3 special edition 360. I opened it up, performed the x-clamp fix, but tightened the GPU heatsink too tightly and pulled a 0031 error code. When I loosened it, I still immediately RROD'd, but with a 0001 secondary code.

Looking online, the 0001 either has to do with the MOSFET's or a bad PSU. The MOSFET's look fine and all of the caps look great. Nothing is blown. The PSU light won't switch from orange though when I boot it up, and 15% of the time when i turn it back off it trips and goes to red.

Is there something else I should look for before I haul my torn apart box to a friends house and try their PSU? It's inconvenient to get to a friends house to test it, so I'm trying to do as much as possible at home before I leave. I can post pictures if necessary, and thank you in advance for your help!
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do you have teflon washers on the board? how many washers did you use? sounds like your shorting out with the heatsnyc
I got it working... I wasn't using Teflon washers but one of them was shorting the motherboard. It's working perfectly now!
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