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xbox 360 tray randomly open by itself while playing a game or while being turned off :S

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Ok here's the problem:

Since about 2 weeks, my xbox 360 started to open the tray by itself when playing a game (backups or originals) and it even open while not playing and being turned off (it just turned on, and poped out the tray while i was sleeping, kinda scary :P)

I even got the ''dirty disc'' error once, but it never did that before those two weeks and its starting to do it more often

It seems to me that it's a different kind of ''open tray'' error ...
maybe it has to do with the laser... i just don't know
but since I didn't find any topic on that, I decided to start one...

can you help me ?
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Just a thought...

When was the last time you had your 360 apart? I've never had it happen, but by any chance is pin on the bottom of the eject bezel crooked? If it's pinched up against the motherboard's eject button, that might be why it's ejecting sporadically. If not, you might have a ghost lol
had a friends do this, did it when the case was open and no eject button present. My guess is it was a short in the eject button, send it to Microsoft, they will fix it.

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It's been 1 month or more since I flashed it...
I will check the eject button pin (which is another awkward design by microsoft :S), but it open sometimes at night without any reasons, thats weird!

I can't send it to microsoft because the warranty has ended and anyway i broke the warranty sticker

will keeping a rubberband or something on the eject button will prevent it from opening ramdmly?

or will I have to open the drive and have a look on the mecanism?
Tbh, i would just take the plastic casing off and leave it overnight and see if that helps, otherwise just check the eject button isnt bent or getting pushed against something

I took it partially apart (just the external white case) and it did it anyway...

This morning it started doin it and it just won't stop lol
it opened/closed about 8 times before i just unplugged it... :S

men i just dont know what to do :P
I'll open the drive tonight if you don't have any ideas...
Sounds like a good idea, but be carefull, you dont want to break it, just only do stuff your sure about :)
the same thing started happening to me just tonight cept my console wont even stay off for longer then a minute mine is also flashed its a hitachi i have been running it for 2 years just fine ...... and also it wont even load a game because of it opening and closing so much

i just disassembled my xbox 360 and pulled my dvd drive out and turned it on and i didnt have any errors at all ... it just boots up to my dashboard ... im stumped im going to try reflashing my dvd drive
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Hey bud just reflash your drive worked perfectly for me
Ok! nice i'll try to flash it again!

I did open it and strangely, it worked with the dvd drive open and when I manually put the magnet on top of the dvd... but it didn't work for a movie, just for a game lol that's so strange!

anyway, i'll just re-flash it
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