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XBOX 360 With No Power, Solution

Just thought I'd share about this one since I've come across this a couple times in the past. I've heard it suggested in a couple of places that if you come across a console with no power, to check all the connection ports to make sure there aren't any bent pins or metal pieces grounding out connectors. Since I rarely see it mentioned and see a lot of people that have posted about it in the past, with little to no avail, I thought I'd bring it up again.

I just came across a console tonight that had bent pins in the USB sockets. I've been wanting to try out this solution and it fired right up when I straightened out the pins.

Before I had straightened them out the console was just flashing on the brick or console...nothing.

In any case, I wanted to chronicle this for anyone else that might have this problem in the future. Other solutions involve voltage meters and mosfet replacements...this has been discussed in quite a few places.

Good luck.

"All drives should be updated to Lite Touch + (LT+) firmware if playing on XBOX live. Samsung drives and pre-78/79 Hitachi drives do not utilize AP 2.5. All other drives are considered to be detectable by Microsoft (YMMV). Make sure all rips are ABGX verified, contain SSv2, and patched AP2.5 (where needed). XGD3 must currently be burned on new drive with PC Burner Max firmware for 100% rip. All modded consoles can be potentially unsafe for use on XBOX live."
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