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Xbox live: NAT issies with Network bridge through Laptop

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Hi guys

I recntly hooked up my 360 to the net by connecting a crossover to the laptop and bridging my wireless and LAN connection. I'm able to connect to live and play halo with a great connection but i have trouble connecting to chats and GRAW 2 games as i have a strict NAT.
i currently have a Tenda W306 router which i think is the casue of the strict NAT but i dont know how to set it to an open NAT.

Any help would be great

P.S i have allready tried forwarding the ports and enabling UpNp etc.
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If you have opened up the ports and enable UPnP, then it could possibly be the firewall on your laptop.

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Hi, thanks for replying

diaabling windows firewall didnt make a difference but i wondering if the problem is that i havnt set up a static IP for the PC ? is it necessary since i have the setup i have ?
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