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About to increse ps3 internal hard disk drive

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As stated in the title i'm about to take out this tiny 40gb hdd out of my cfw ps3 and plan to put in a 1tb sized western digital hdd. my question is this when I do so can I back up what's on the 40gb on the ps3 itself, format the new drive, then put what was saved onto the new drive? I can't FTP the games my other computer is down and the space on this one is at a minimum. Basically I want to save the games on the 40gb drive, I believe I can't save the game saves but if so how. Thanks to any and all responses!!
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well if you have external drive you can copy all the files you need using multiman.... you can also use data transfer its an option build into the ps3 but for that you still need external drive this option will also backup all saves from the ps3... and another thing make sure the drive you planning to put inside is not taller than 9mm or it will not fit into the bay... 1tb drives tend to be more "fat" than a usual 500-750bg drives...
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