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Can't update from 3.41 OFW to 3.55 OFW Today

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Hi, I recently bought a PS3 on Ebay for the sole reason of putting CFW on it and I cant. The PS3 appears to be on 3.41 OFW from the PS3 but I can't update it at all. When I go into recovery mode its says I need to update it to 3.56 or over. The problem is not the name of the file or folders names as i have checked and rechecked him. Any help how be great. Thanks
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you bought a 3.56 console lol... it cant be 3.41 when it does say its 3.56 :3 normally any ps3 with specific fw will let you install the current one or a higher one... in this case its 3.56.. also its not spoofed to 3.56.. if it was 3.41 it would let you install 3.41.. on another note you cant downgrade it in soft mode.. you have to use a flasher...
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