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I was originally going to go with a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB, but after reading about Head Parking, I cancelled my order. I really don't want to have to hook it up to my PC to disable any timers or anything like that. I just want a HDD that is known to work flawlessly with the PS3.

My first question is, do all the WD 2.5's have this intellipark ( Head parking ) feature? Or, is it only the Blues and Greens? I really can't find a straight answer if the Blacks have them, as there is a nice Black 320GB, but I just don't want to take the chance with this Head Parking every 8 seconds. I do not want HDD lag.

If the Blacks indeed do fall in the family of intellipark, then I was looking into the Hiatchi 500GB, which no one mentions any issues with Head Parking.

Now, the price is the same, but I never really heard of Hitachi until last night when researching the Head Parking. A few people said to go with Hitachi, and the reviews for the same Hitachi on Amazon has decent reviews of people who used them in their PS3's

7200 won't really be a issue because I am planning to take apart my PS3 this coming weekend to clean off the stock thermal paste, and apply some AS5, so I doubt heat will be that much of a issue. The 7200's don't even really generate that much more heat, but anyway..

If you all could be so kind to drop by any information, it would be great. Also please list the HDD you upgraded to. If you are not a member of these forums, but you come across this thread anyway, please register and reply if you have any useful information. Please post in the format of





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I had a Blue WD in my system, and it worked just fine, I have no idea what Head Parking is, so ya...

I then upgraded it again to a 750GB Black WD, and it worked great. Just put it in and format, and you're set to go, nothing too hard, and really easy to do.

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