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lagging when playing ps3 online

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my problem is i have the ps3 hooked up with an ethernet cable plugged into the router,when someone is on the computer my online games starts lagging,is there some other way to hook the ps3 into other than the router that is plugged into the computer.
thanks for any help.
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what exactly are you asking here? if you mean is there a different way to hook up the ps3 other than a router then the answer is yes. You can connect it directly to the modem but, doing this means no-one else can use internet while you're online with ps3.

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is there any other way to play oline without lagging or could it be the internet speed, do you think there is any other solution because i wouldn't be able to tie up the internet because the computer is the family one.
thank you
Your router may/may not allow you to determine the % of bandwith dedicated to each using channel. If so, choke back the PC.
would some type of splitter connected to something help with the lagging problem,do you think?
No. You say that the PS3 works fine untill someone else gets on the PC. An uncontroled router will give half of your bandwidth to the PC and half to the PS3 when both are being used at the same time. (More or less). Your router may allow you to limit the PC to (100K) when two or more devices are comunicating at the same time. You are starved for bandwith with more than one device running at one time. You may be able to increase your DL speed with your service provider. May cost you $5 to $10 more a month.
so i just need to call my internet provider and ask about the internet speed and upgrade to a faster speed?
Originally posted by brenda893:
so i just need to call my internet provider and ask about the internet speed and upgrade to a faster speed?
Not necessarily; you should go to with a computer on, and nothing else on. Do the test a couple times, write down your upload speed, download speed, and ping. If the upload speed is less than 500kbps or the download speed is under 5mbps, then you certainly need a faster connection. If it is above this, then the issue is probably with your router. The PS3 is very picky about old 3Com never gave me any issues, and the PS3 never had any issues with it...untill firmware 3.10 came out...then all of a sudden the PS3 thinks it does not support packet fragments anymore, and my connection starts dropping randomly (btw...I tested with a PC; the 3Com still supports packet fragments just fine). Fixed with a DD-wrt router.

? My DSL service is 1.5Meg. When the PS3 and PC are both on line, the PS3 Speed test is 750k. We play online fine with no lag at 750K.

What is your service speed anyway Brenda?
okay,thanks so much, i am going to speedtest .net right now and do the test,i will be back to ask what is a DD-wrt router and where do you find one ,i have never heard of this. Thanks for all the help ,it all makes a little more sense to me now so maybe i will get to the bottom of this. i will come back with my speed results.
okay so i tested the speed and this is what i got
download speed is 0.20 mb/s the upload speed is 0.09 mb/s
so does that tell anyone anything that will help me?
Thanks again for all your help
Thats 200K which is pushing it for online play. Is this with the PC online at the same time? I would check with your service provider to see if they have a Higher Bandwidth Plan. I have a 1.5M service that is stable with the PC online at the same time. When both are running, the PS3 is working with a 750K connection.
with both ps3 and pc on at the same time the download speed was about the same but the upload speed was at 0.07,
That is realy terrible...the average webphone has several times the bandwidth of your internet connection. I would try to get another service provider...if they have such terrible speeds, then their best plan probably isn't much better. It is no wonder you have lag...people with connections like yours should simply be banned from the PSN; you ruin the expereience for everyone else.

DD-WRT is a aftermarket firmware for certain routers.

gee thanks, that was mean but i am going to call my internet provider and see what they have to say.
thanks for every ones help. Every problem i have some one on here helps until it is solved.
Thanks again !
lmao...Totally agree with killers sentiment tho i'd go a step further & suggest a public flogging :p *runs*
hopefully your ISP will offer something higher. Ours starts at 15K dileup to 1.5M DSL and all speeds in between. Good luck.
thanks for all the help!!!!
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