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P3Go GT-break High Quality PS3 Hacking Device

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It may just be an advertisement, but this one looks really good...and a fair price too.
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Yep , it might be the best PS3 Hacking Device in the market .

Features :

have all function features of the first generation PS3 Jailbreak dongle.

brand new the second generation configuration,support upgrade without

keys,plug and upgrade.

Use SLC NANDFLASH, up to 128MB and can compatible huge firmware.

Luxury materal,bilateral protecting circuit to support plug-and-play

function and protect your lovely device.

Three high firmware including high-speed CPU,high-speed SDRAM,high-

capacity SLCNAND.

has a Micro SDHC slot that currently,support upgrade without keys.

has a 32bit 500M precessor.

Support starting game by micro SD in console.Then will have new

extension function upgrading firmware by cheat, real time save.

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Seems like a little overkill, but the price is similar to other dongles out there so why not. But already got myself a ps3yes.

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