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Please help! My ps3 isn't working! (ReactPSN) [vsh.self problem!]

I tried installing reactpsn. I did the vsh.self thing while backing up my original vsh.self. exited multiman to restart the system after replacing the vsh.self file, and when it restarted the screen would just be black. It seems that the video is not being detected, aswell as the controller is not able to connect.

I am able to access the ps3 recovery menu though, however if i try to select any of the options it loads the option i selected, then the screen goes black. If i try to do a system update via a usb, it says the file is corrupt.. (even though i used this same file to update to the current version 4.30 Rogero)

What can i do to fix it?!

I'm sure this is all down to the vsh.self file..

Is there any way to access the folder to upload the original file? Or would replacing the Harddrive work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !
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