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ps3 hex editing

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i have been trying to edit a save file with hex editor but when i try to find something using find but my searches turn up nothing except my save files name and some random words im not sure if i have to do something on the ps3 to find the files but ive tried about anything id appriciate if some one could give me some advice on this
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Make a save, wait a minute, and make another save. Compare these saves to see how they differ. If they are completely different, then the save is encrypted. If not, then you know where it keeps the in-game time and save time. Now do something that you want to have happen (like earn a dollar or something), and compare that save with the second save to see where else there are now changes...and continue like that until you know what every part of the save does.
i have the twin saves they are exactly 1 minute after the last they say OBLIVION save 18 and OBLIVION save 19 inside each file contains two .exe file named PARAM.PFD and PARAM.SFO individualy the PFD is completely diffrent from one another except the very top line while the sfo seem to be identical

im just starting to learn hex editing and hacking saves so im kinda a noob to all this sorry

and also do i need a rehasher/resigner for my ps3
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that thread doesn't really help much killer bug it would be nice if i could find a program to unencrypt the files but as it is that thread doesn't help
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