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PS3 in computer case. Help Me!!!

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I recently decided that after letting my old PS3 60GB sit around from getting YLOD, I would fix it. So I thought I did fix it. It worked for a week then got YLOD again. After that I watched a video and did it right. I decided to put it in a computer case too to help it be cooler and keep airflow up. I got everything in the case and had the power supply up off the board. I had all the wires extended correctly. I had an old computer power supply in there for 3 extra fans that I placed specifically. I plugged it in, flipped the switch, touched the power button on the front and it beeped, flashed green, then immediately shut off. I don't know why, which is why I'm posting this. I don't know why the power isn't working. I grounded the power back to the motherboard which was screwed onto the frame of the computer case. The power supply was also screwed onto the computer case frame. Could the power supply touching the case, where the ground is essentially going, affect it in a way that it shorts out?? I could really use the help. Any advice or questions to help for advice is okay. Please Help Me!
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try the board & it's psu out of the case to see if powers up properly.
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