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PS3 Sixaxis Controller with USB Receiver

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Anyone know how to get these controllers to work on pc vista 32?
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I'm not too sure if it's Vista compatible, but I did purchase one of these knock off controllers before and all I have to say is that the battery life is horrible. Mine always died after 10 minutes of use. If you're planning to use it on the computer, I recommend that you get a Logitech or something else from a reputable brand.
Yeah I had a couple and I liked them just plug and play but my kids broke the receivers so I was looking for others without the bulkiness and found these. They looked promising, same look and feel, so I went for it hoping for the same ease when putting on the computer but noting doing. Recognize them fine, show up as "PS(R" in control panel but no buttons funtion. Throw that usblib driver in and recognizes nothing. sixaxisdriver they are recognized as playstation(R)contorller or something like that but still no funtioning but they were like 50 or 60
bucks for the 2 with shipping so I would like not to have wasted my money but I may have for this application anyway. I do have a 1 year old who likes to take off with my original controllers and drools in them and has shorted out 2 so back ups are always good.
here is the link again to the controllers in question

sixaxis controller
It's probably just a cheap sixaxis knock-off with an even cheaper blutooth dongle. You can do this yourself with the right dongle, a legit sixaxis, and some drivers off the net, but the drivers are not vista64/win7x64 compatable yet.

Originally posted by KillerBug:
but the drivers are not vista64/win7x64 compatable yet.
Yes they are :)
i've done it that way before I dont like the driver switching and the controllers desconnect really quick and I have to get up and redo everything and kinda defeats the purpose. I really just wanted to see if anyone knew how to get these to work cause I have them and would like to get some use out of them. Also the computer doesnt recognize the controller and doesnt the vista driver have to be run with it plugged in and I tried to put the bluetooth radio driver on the dongle and it wouldnt take it also tried to put the btsix driver on and it wouldnt accept it.
oh and did i mention the will not connect to the ps3 without the stick. If they were bluetooth and the stick is a dongle shouldnt they be able to connect without the stick plugged in the ps3
Just read the description again, i don't think it is a sixaxis, just an old dualshock. If you don't need the sixaxis functionality, you can get a ps2>USB adapter cheap.

marcusita - THANK YOU!!!
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sixaxis is printed on top of the controller just like the sony along with dualshock 3
Originally posted by felicialn:
sixaxis is printed on top of the controller just like the sony along with dualshock 3
I just looked at the pictures, and they have nothing printed on the top of the controler. The only mention of sixaxis is in the title...and ebay titles are not to be trusted.

Im looking at the real thing though. Two of them. The receiver is also different, but this is what I ordered so it is the only thing I have to refer to.
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