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PS3 slim disc drive no power and changing hardrive question?

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Hi all, good day!

Just a query really. A friend of mine who has a PS3 slim recently spilt orange juice all over his ps3 slim. The discs then started sticking in the ps3.

He took his ps3 slom apart and cleaned all the orange juice off the ps3 disc drive but once but back together the disc drive has no power ahere as before it did. All connections i believe are back attached correctly.

Does anyone know what a solution may be? Also if his Disc drive is knackered he wants to buy an old PS3 (not slim for price reasons) and use the hard drive from the ps3 slim on an OLD fat ps3. Will that work ok?

Thnak you to anyone who can help.
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1.) You may want to re-check the connections. Also, there might be an issue with the disc tray and not the drive itself. Is it accepting discs? If not, it might be that you accidentally misaligned the disc receptor thing (I'm blanking on the name; the thing you stick the discs into).

2.) If you want to get another PS3, just be aware that putting your hard drive into it will result in you losing all your data. The new PS3 will have to reformat the entire drive.
Ah right, it will not acceept the disc at all no. Ill look at the receptor thing, do you have anymore info on this please?

Also he is aware he may lose the data but just needs to know a hardrive from a ps3 slim will fit into an old ps3 fat ok.
The thing I'm talking about is the mechanism which pulls the disc into the drive. I've heard it's rather easy to knock it off balance, resulting in part of the mechanism physically blocking the disc slot (ie when you put the CD/DVD/BD in there'll be a physical obstruction). Or if not that, then the misalignment could result in it not moving the disc directly into the drive.

You'll have to ask someone who knows more about the hardware of the PS3; I haven't had to take mine apart yet, so I'm a bit fuzzy on it.

And yes, the Slim's hard drive will fit into the Phat. They both use 2.5" SATA laptop hard drives, so it'll swap perfectly fine.
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