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Runnning reactpsn on PS3ITA CFW 4.21 v0.9 DEX.

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The reACTpsn makes my new aa profile into ReACTpsn file but when i press R1 and start it there is no reactsys.key and the other two files.and when I put rap files and try running the reactpsn it wont change to rif.
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PC i7 3770K 8Gb Ram Radeon 290X 4TB WD Black 60Gb SDD
Xbox360 Slim RGH Dash 16202
Xbox360 PHAT 14719 BENQ drive
Black PS3 CECH-L04 PS3ITA 4.50 Converted DEX
White PS3 CECH-2506B PS3ITA 4.50 Converted DEX
Black PS3 DECH-J00A DEX FW4.50
i have the same issue
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