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stream media content from CPU to PS3 wirelessly

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so I tried to google how to stream content from my CPU to my PS3 wirelessly and most of the blogs I have found are either out of date or have been removed. Can you guys help me out with this?

I do have a modded wii with the WiiMC channel installed and I'd like something like that for my PS3. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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i have a ps3 im currently streaming windows media player as im trying out my new surround sound.on your ps3 in the menus it should have option music option video under them you will find your media streaming first i kept getting error cause i had to allow my ps3 access to my pc network.then i got error playing videofiles cause in setting you gotta enable and video and picture will work from pc to ps3 not sure about other files.

as i dont have a nintendo wii im not familiar with wiiMC.

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so let me get this right.. you want to watch movies from pc to ps3 right? wireless?...

well heres one the actually even works on xbox from some reason even tough its based on ps3... works both wireless and wired...

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