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Stuck on 4.21 Rogero

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i have a ps3 slim had it at 3.55 tru blue and decided to upgrade to Rogero 4.30,,well that didnt work out so well so i like to go back to 3.55,,so i got as far as downgrader 4.25 to 3.55 rogero,,now i got to 4.21,,and i went to do the QA setting,hit the start button no beeps,,but i am in QA cause i got the 3 files doing the controller thing,and its there,,now the fun part,,im going crazy to do the rest and everthing i do it wont work,,i have tried the rebug 999 downgrader corrupt files,,same with the rogero 4.25 to 3.55,,tried the 3.55 3.7a in recovery mode keeps telling me need 4.40 or higher,,very frustrated,,mind you in multiman some of my games still work so if i have to stay with this i can,,,but i cant upgrade or downgrade,,im stuck at 4.21,,i have formatted the harddrive wiped it clean,,still on go,,any help would be great,,Thanks

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there's different versions of qaflag... try one of these and report back...

now once it does work.... try the button combo and if all goes well and it DOES show extra options.... use recovery to install rogero v3.7 and update that to higher version... if i were you i would use the 4.30 from rebug...

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got it,,i had to go into factory service mode and do the downgrade from there,,no matter what i tried it did not work,,this was my alternative,,and now im back on 3.55 kmeaw

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