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Testing PS3 LAN Bandwidth?

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Just started experimenting with PS3MediaServer, Tversity and Netflix. Right away, as expected I could not stream 1080P over my 54g network. Signal strength is 52%. So I installed powerline Ethernet. I can now stream 720p reliably, and 1080p is almost-reliable. Depending on source, it can get jerky. I couldn't stream a Netflix HD movie with 54g at 52%, now I can with powerline. I still think I'm going to need more horsepower though such as Wireless-N.

I want to find out exactly how much faster my powerline is than my 54g. You can go to but that is only testing the bandwidth between the PS3 and a host on the Internet so it is limited by Internet connection speed (and results can be all over the map - with same host, one test got 10mbit/s and the same test 3 min later got 20mbit/s!)

I could do a file copy between a notebook connected to the powerline and another PC and then the same copy using 54g but that's just going to give me a general indication. Seems there must be some utility to run on Windows that tests the bandwidth to a computer on the network?
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You could setup a HTTP or FTP server on a laptop, then use the ps3 browser to download a big file from the server...most good server softwares will tell you the speed of this transfer.

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