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The Data is corrupt CFW 3.55

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I've just started hacking my PS3 and I've run into a little bit of an issue I'll start by explaining how I went about my jailbreak I read about and googled allot and the entire time I documented what I was doing to write my own tutorial to try out when I got home, below is a copy of the tutorial I made and all was going well until I needed to install geohot's jailbreak when I get the error "The Data is corrupt" now I googled this and there doesn't seem to be allot on the subject of this error one conclusion I have come to is that this hack only works on Slim PS3's maybe? I don't know but please read through my guide and point out any mistakes I may have made if any, for now I'm back on OFW 3.55.


Have a newly formatted USB drive at the ready then make the following folder structure in the USB...
Place the official un-patched PS3 firmware in the update folder on the USB.
Then start your system in recovery mode by following these instructions at
Place the USB drive into your PS3 and select update firmware, once finished move to STEP2.
REMOVE the UPDATE.PUP from "/PS3/UPDATE/" on you USB
Back to your PC you now need to go to PS3Toolkit/3.55-Peek-n-Poke_Patcher/CFWPatcher
Run CFWPatcher and select “execute” Place the new UPDATE.PUP file into "PS3/UPDATE/" now flash to the PS3, same as STEP1, once complete move to STEP3.
Once this is complete you need to go to PS3Toolkit/jailbreak/
you need to flash this update to your PS3 the same way as step one and two but make sure you remove the old update.pup file form "/PS3/UPDATE/" on your USB drive

PS PS3Toolkit is a folder I made to store all of my hacking files not something I downloaded.

Thank you!
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Okay so I have now resolved this issue by doing the following.

I didn't patch the OFW 3.55 via the PC but installed it via recovery menu, once I installed OFW3.55 I deleted the UPDATE.PUP file from the USB and I placed Geohotz CFW3.55-jb into the USB
Then in the system menu not the recovery menu I went to update system then update via USB, then I plugged my USB into USB port 1 and installed over OFW3.55 now I have CFW3.55 jailbroken.

So if you are having issues in the recovery menu with corrupt data try doing the steps above and hopefully you will get the same result!
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